Case Building (Compiling) Issues

This article suggests solutions when Build errors occur when compiling PSCAD cases using a FORTRAN compiler.

1. Troubleshooting Tips

2. Obtaining Assistance from the Support Desk

  1. Load this case into PSCAD: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PSCAD\4.x\Examples\tutorial\vdiv.pscx
  2. Run the case.
  3. If there are any errors when running the example case, there is an issue with your setup. If so, you could generate a Fortran medic log file as per the instructions below, and send this in to our Support Desk as per this article. Also, please send in your Build Messages (left-click in the Build pane, right-click to display a menu, select "Copy", then paste the copied text and send this to our Support Desk).
  4. Or, if there are no errors when running the example case, your setup is good, and the issue is related to your custom project. If so, you could provide the following information to our Support Desk as per this article:

3. Sending in the Fortran Medic Log File

To help us to review your setup, the Fortran Medic tool may be run on your machine to detect the relevant software, and the generated log file may be sent in to our office as follows: