Case Building (Compiling) Issues

This article is intended to assist with PSCAD Build errors. Step 1 contains troubleshooting tips for common issues. If the issue persists, please send in the information as specified in Step 2 to request assistance from the PSCAD support desk.

1. Troubleshooting Tips

2. Obtaining Assistance from the MHI Support Desk

If the compiling issue is not resolved as per Step 1 above, please free to obtain assistance from the MHI support desk. Please send an email to, ensuring to provide the following information:

a. Your PSCAD License Number

If you do not know your license number, please refer to this article to determine this.

b. Indicate your compiler and version

For example, GFortran 4.6.2.
For example, Intel Fortran 16 and Visual Studio 2013.

c. Build Messages from running a simple example

To test whether there is an issue with your setup, please run a simple example and send in the Build Messages:


d. Build Messages from running your own project

To help determine any issues with your project, please try running your project, and send in the Build Messages (left-click in the Build pane, right-click to display a menu, select "Copy", then paste the copied text into your email or into a text file).

e. Your project files

If not confidential, please send in your project files.

f. Your Fortran Medic Log File

A Fortran Medic log file is used to help the MHI support desk to review software setup. Please generate the log file as follows: