Setting up a PSCAD Trial License

Contact our Sales Desk ( to obtain a trial of our fully-featured PSCAD edition.

Once a trial has been issued to you, the software may be set up as follows:

  a. Download the attached instructional manual, Detailed Setup Instructions - PSCAD.

  b. The system requirements for running this software are listed in Section 2.1.

  c. If you do not already have a MyCentre user account, register one as per Sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.


During the registration, ensure to register the e-mail address that you used when sending your trial request. Or, notify the Sales Desk if you have registered a different e-mail address.

  d. Download the software from the Downloads page in your MyCentre account, and install PSCAD per Section 2.7.1.


Also install the GFortran compiler, as a FORTRAN compiler is required to compile PSCAD projects.

  e. Launch PSCAD per Section 2.8.1, and configure the licensing as per Section 2.9.

  f. Activate a certificate as per Section 2.10. Your software will be licensed and ready to run.


It is important to properly configure the certificate upon PSCAD shut-down to ensure it is available at next launch. Therefore, take special note of the exiting information in Section 2.12.

For new users, refer to Appendix A for a listing of resources to help become familiar with PSCAD.