Description - Lock-based Licensing [1]

Installing a License Database File [1]

Activating a License [1]

Removing the License Database File [1]

Switching to a different License (Same Machine, Different License) [1]

Renumbering a License (same license, new number) [1]

Moving the License to a Different Machine (same license, different machine) [1]

Sharing a Non-network License Between Multiple Client Machines (same single-user license, multiple client machines) [1]

Switching Between Different Licenses on a Client Machine (same machine, different licenses) [1]

Configuring PSCAD to use Lock-based Licensing [1]

Evaluating our Fully-featured Edition [1]

Troubleshooting Issues with Lock-based Licensing [1]

Improving a License (Same license, Improved Products) [1]

Switching from an SUL to an MUL

Monitoring PSCAD Usage for a Network License (Multi-User License)