Volley Launch/Root Control

Volley launch provides the ability to launch multiple EMTDC simulation runs in parallel (up to a maximum of 64), based on a single PSCAD case project. To set up a volley, a simulation must first be added to a simulation set. Once added, simply invoke the Simulation Options dialog and adjust the Volley Count option. For example, if you want to launch 7 simultaneous runs of a single project, then set the Volley Count to 7. When you next launch the simulation set, 7 instances of that simulation will be launched in parallel, utilizing all available processor cores.

The Root Control Interface (RCI) was first released as part of the PSCAD v4.5 minor upgrade. Root control allows for one root, or master project, to control multiple slave projects, where both master and slaves must be part of the same Simulation Set. The idea behind the development of the RCI was to support both parameter sweep, as well as optimization-based, multiple-run studies. Like the simulation sets, the RCI is an inherent part of the workspace, which enables interproject communication within a single simulation set. This is accomplished using the already well defined Radio Link transmitter and receiver components, which were extended in v4.5 to include a provision field for a foreign namespace. This instructs the link to collect its value from a foreign source, and thus allows for a more sophisticated means of multiple run control.