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Latest Videos

Lightning Over Voltage Simulations in PSCAD™ EMTDC™

This webinar provides information on Lightning Overvoltage Studies using PSCAD/EMTDC.

Webinar on Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV)

This webinar will show you how to do TRV simulations in PSCAD/EMTDC.

Please click here to access the example that was used.

Webinar on Parallel Simulation using Concurrent EMTDC

This webinar will provide you with an overview on large system parallel simulation using concurrent EMTDC.

Module Comparison Tool

This video will show you how to setup the module comparison tool and how to use the tool to find differences between modules.

Consolidate your workspace in PSCAD

In this video you will learn how to use the 'Consolidate Workspace' feature.

How to copy a custom component using PSCAD

This video will show you how to copy a custom component from one space to another.

Birds Eye View in PSCAD

This video will allow you to visualize and navigate large systems in PSCAD.

How to use the Blackbox Hierarchy feature in PSCAD

PSCAD now supports automatic blackboxing of control systems that are organized in the hierarchy.

Copying and pasting components and definitions between PSCAD

In this video you will learn how to copy and paste components and definitions between PSCAD.

Copy Transfer feature using PSCAD

The Copy Transfer feature allows you to copy a definition and its child definitions from one project to another.

The 'Drag Drop' feature using PSCAD

This video will show you how to load projects into PSCAD by simply dragging PSCAD files from a windows folder.

Export definitions that contain other page modules using PSCAD

Learn how to export definitions that contain other page modules.

Free Hand Selector feature in PSCAD

The free hand selector allows you to work around complicated circuit topologies.

Multiple Run Skip in PSCAD

Learn how to skip individual simulations of a multiple run.

Runtime Progress Bar

Display the progress of your simulations in PSCAD.

Runtime Slow Motion feature

Slow down your simulations in PSCAD.

Sticky Note feature

Allows you to edit the text directly in PSCAD

Stop Simulation Set feature in PSCAD

Allows you to stop any project that is running a simulation set.

ENI Tutorial

This video will cover the following topics:
-Introduction to the Electrical Network Interface (ENI)
-Introduction to the Control Signal Carrier (CSC)
-How to use the ENI and CSE to speed up simulation

Layers feature in PSCAD

This video will discuss the the layers feature in PSCAD and how to set up layers.

Parameter Grid feature in PSCAD

What is the Parameter Grid pane and how to use it.

New Features of PSCAD v4.6

PSCAD 4.6 is coming soon! On October 2nd, PSCAD users tuned into a webinar that previewed the newest minor update to the X4 product! Watch the webinar to learn helpful tips and to gain hands-on experience.

How to get the Free Edition

This video demonstrates how to download, install, and activate the Free edition.

An introduction to MyCentre

This video provides a simple overview of MyCentre.

How to use the support request

This video provides a brief overview of the new support request form and how to use it.

The workspace

This video provides an overview of the PSCAD workspace.

Simulation sets and batch run

This video demonstrates how to manage multiple simulations using sets.

How to blackbox modules

This video demonstrates how to blackbox a page module into an equivalent, non-module component, complete with generated source files and compiled binary files.