Configuring Transmission Lines with PSCAD

This 1 day course outlines how to model overhead lines and underground cables. The transmission line models in PSCAD are discussed in detail and are compared in terms of accuracy, application, limitation and simulation speed. Other key discussion topics include: the correct modeling of overhead lines and cables using data mined from manufacturer datasheets, such as stranded conductor, semi-conducting layers, segmented conductors, and cross-bonding. Special considerations, such as obtaining a correct DC response for an HVDC transmission line, as well as methods to improve the stability of the simulations due to passivity violations, are also discussed. When applicable, the concepts presented are reinforced with several PSCAD simulation workshops. Case studies will be applied in detail to highlight practical situations encountered by engineers in the field. Previous experience and knowledge of PSCAD is not required, but class participants should have a working knowledge of transmission lines.

This course is intended for practicing engineers, graduate students, and researchers in power systems, who are interested in understanding the concepts, nuances, and potential pitfalls of accurately simulating overhead lines and underground cables in PSCAD.

Duration: 1 day

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